1;3409;0c Efficient Algorithms for Discovering Association Rules

Efficient Algorithms for Discovering Association Rules

KDD Workshop 1994: Seattle, 1994
Pages: 181-192



Association rules are statements of the form "for 90 % of the rows of the relation, if the row has value 1 in the columns in set W , then it has 1 also in column B". Agrawal, Imielinski, and Swami introduced the problem of mining association rules from large collections of data, and gave a method based on successive passes over the database. We give an improved algorithm for the problem. The method is based on careful combinatorial analysis of the information obtained in previous passes; this makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary candidate rules. Experiments on a university course enrollment database indicate that the method outperforms the previous one by a factor of 5. We also show that sampling is in general a very efficient way of finding such rules. Keywords: association rules, covering sets, algorithms, sampling. 1 Introduction Data mining (database mining, knowledge discovery in databases) has recently been recognized as a promising new field in the intersection of databa...