1;3409;0c FOIL: A Midterm Report

FOIL: A Midterm Report

Machine Learning: ECML-93, European Conference on Machine Learning, vol. 667, 1993
Pages: 3-20DOI: 10.1007/3-540-56602-3_124



: FOIL is a learning system that constructs Horn clause programs from examples. This paper summarises the development of FOIL from 1989 up to early 1993 and evaluates its effectiveness on a non-trivial sequence of learning tasks taken from a Prolog programming text. Although many of these tasks are handled reasonably well, the experiment highlights some weaknesses of the current implementation. Areas for further research are identified. 1. Introduction The principal differences between zeroth-order and first-order supervised learning systems are the form of the training data and the way that a learned theory is expressed. Data for zeroth-order learning programs such as ASSISTANT [Cestnik, Kononenko and Bratko, 1986], CART [Breiman, Friedman, Olshen and Stone, 1984], CN2 [Clark and Niblett, 1987] and C4.5 [Quinlan, 1992] comprise preclassified cases, each described by its values for a fixed collection of attributes. These systems develop theories, in the form of decision trees o...