1;3409;0c SONDY: an open source platform for social dynamics mining and analysis

SONDY: an open source platform for social dynamics mining and analysis

Proceedings of the 2013 international conference on Management of data, 2013
Pages: 1005-1008DOI: 10.1145/2463676.2463694



This paper describes SONDY, a tool for analysis of trends and dynamics in online social network data. SONDY addresses two audiences: (i) end-users who want to explore social activity and (ii) researchers who want to experiment and compare mining techniques on social data. SONDY helps end-users like media analysts or journalists understand social network users interests and activity by providing emerging topics and events detection as well as network analysis functionalities. To this end, the application proposes visualizations such as interactive time-lines that summarize information and colored user graphs that reflect the structure of the network. SONDY also provides researchers an easy way to compare and evaluate recent techniques to mine social data, implement new algorithms and extend the application without being concerned with how to make it accessible. In the demo, participants will be invited to explore information from several datasets of various sizes and origins (such as a dataset consisting of 7,874,772 messages published by 1,697,759 Twitter users during a period of 7 days) and apply the different functionalities of the platform in real-time.